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The programs in this directory are for MS-DOS. If you develop programs with these tools, you will need a transfer system to get the binaries to a real Commodore, or you must use an emulator.


6502tass131.zip 2023-09-05 100748
6502 Turbo Assembler 1.31. The source code is not included. The previous
version generated wrong opcode for one instruction. The package contains
some example code.

a65v106.txt 2023-09-05 207
a65v106.zip 2023-09-05 29734
A 6502 assembler intended to compile files in MOS Technology format.
C source code included.

c64asm11.zip 2023-09-05 90186
c64asm11.zip.readme 2023-09-05 1166
A 6502 assembler for MS-DOS that supports PRG, P00 and T64 files.
Shareware, source code not included.

dasm.zip 2023-09-05 29769
An MS-DOS executable of DASM. The whole package is available in ../unix.

mos6502.zip 2023-09-05 45472
A non-macro assembler for MS-DOS 5.00 and above, available under the
GNU General Public License. According to Dan Fandrich, the uploader,
the author left the company where this software was developed. The
home page mentioned in the documentation does not exist any more.

mxass28.zip 2023-09-05 50492
MXASS, a 6502/65816/Z80 X-Assembler for MS-DOS. Supports both PC64
and 64NET cable to transfer object code, PRG P00 N64 OBJ output, macros,
conditional assembly, include, local labels, 16-bit statements,
Z80 instruction set. Evaluation version, no source code included.

petca201.zip 2023-09-05 65412
PETCAT v2.01 binary for 486/MS-DOS. Documents included; source code is
available separately. Uploaded by the author, jopi@stekt.oulu.fi.

s6502b10.zip 2023-09-05 114178
BETA release of "6502 Software Development Kit", a freeware programming
environment that runs under Win3.1. Includes a multi-text editor,
an assembler with macro capabilities and project manager and a
debugger-disassembler with emulator.

The emulator-debugger is still experimental, but the assembler should go.
Now I'm looking for volounteers to test it and report bugs befor the final
release. Valerio Gionco <s74454@cclix1.polito.it>.

s6502src.zip 2023-09-05 122505
Source code of s6502, the 6502 Software Development Kit. The code is a
little messy, and the comments and variable names are in Italian.

tk6414.zip 2023-09-05 28518
TOK64 version 1.4 by Cris Berneburg. This DOS utility converts ascii text
file representations of Commodore basic program listings into program images
suitable to run on a C64. Also converts basic programs into ascii listings.
Keywords: DOS, FREEWARE, CBM, Commodore 64, BASIC, tokenize, detoken.
No source code available. See also petcat.

wfd_dem2.zip 2023-09-05 61535
2nd demo release of White Flame's WFDIS cross-disassembler.
Semi-intelligently disassembles C=64 native binaries on a PeeCee.
Detects and supports BASIC loaders and can display data as many
different C=64 related formats. Requires 640k and VGA. (oooh!)

White Flame (aka David Holz) white-flame@geocities.com.
MS-DOS binary only (no source code available). See also ../unix/d65.

xa214f.lzh 2023-09-05 360269
6502 Cross assembler for Unix, Atari ST, Amiga and MS-DOS.
Author: André Fachat <a.fachat@physik.tu-chemnitz.de>

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