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There are several versions of the Commodore 1541 disk drive. Some are covered by the technical manual, other schematics were scanned from later documents. There is even a reverse engineered diagram of the 1541-II drive.


Commodore 1540/1541 Service Manual in HTML format.
1540/1541 technical manual. Schematics and other information for drives up to 1541 B.


1540-1541_Disk_Drive_Service_Manual_314002-01_(1985_Nov).pdf 2015-06-22 793022

1540-1541_Disk_Drive_Service_Manual_Preliminary_314002-01_(1985_Apr).pdf 2015-06-22 3944978

1540-1541_Service_Manual_Preliminary_314002-01_(1985_Jan).pdf 2015-06-22 2815192

1541-II-powersupply.gif 2009-08-18 66389
Reverse-engineered schematic diagram of the 110-volt 1581 and 1541-II
power supply. Created and uploaded by William Levak <wlevak@sdf.org>.
According to him, you have to break the case open to get inside. Jameco
sells a case that can be used to replace it.

1541-II.340503.gif 2009-08-18 190045
1541-II schematic diagram, by Commodore. According to the 1571 Service
Manual, the Gate Array (251828 or 64H156) has some different revisions
(-01, -02 and -03). Revisions -01 and -03 have only 40 pins, but -02 has
42 pins. Frank Kontros (jeno@kontr.uzhgorod.ua) reports that the (chinese)
1541-II boards he has seen only carry the assy no. 340503, although there
are some differences. Also, his boards have the latest (-03) Gate Array,
with some wiring on the pin 21 (OSC).

1541-II.gif 2009-08-18 112882
1541-II.readme 1997-01-17 1286
1541-II schematic diagram. Drawn and uploaded by
Levente Hársfalvi (Levente@Mi.Stud.PMMFK.JPTE.HU).

1541-II_Service_Manual_Addendum_314862-01_(1988_Mar).pdf 2015-06-22 557750

boards.txt 1999-12-02 1334
Information about different 1541 board versions, composed by William Levak.
Commodore_Diskette_Diagnostic_Manual_Version_2_PN_3140451-01.pdf 2015-06-22 2297312

parts.txt 2015-07-08 2200
1540/1541/1541A/1541B/SX-64 drive parts list, composed by William Levak.
pla.txt 1999-12-02 2883
1541/1571 40/42 Pin Gate Arrays, composed by William Levak.

short-251748-rev.E-left.gif 1996-05-08 202102
short-251748-rev.E-right.gif 1996-05-08 191735
Short board 1541, assy no. 251748, rev.E, sheet 3 of 4. On this board, a
40-pin custom chip replaces some 74xx logic.

Transit_card_251171-02_(300_dpi).pdf 2015-06-22 927756
Transit_card_251171-03_(300_dpi).pdf 2015-06-22 928514
Transit card images for buffering head vibration during movement

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