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The SFD-1001 is a single floppy drive equipped with CBM DOS 2.7.


Selected pages of the SFD-1001 service manual.


8250LP_SFD-1001_Disk_Drive_Technical_Manual.pdf 2020-01-13 681278
SFD1001 (and 8250LP) service manual

number.gif 2007-06-13 108484
Commodore TechTopics issue 4, 1985, on changing the SFD-1001 device number.

parts.txt 2018-02-07 1341
SFD-1001/8250LP parts list, composed by William Levak.

sfd1001_schematics.pdf 2019-11-04 1465275
Schematics and Parts lists -- scanned by Christian Dirks

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