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The KIM-1 was a 6502 learning kit produced by MOS Technologies. These files were reconstructed by Ruud Baltissen.


MOS source code for the KIM-1


build.txt 1998-02-20 6537
Preliminary instructions for building a KIM-1

hardware-manual.txt 1998-09-14 383196
KIM-1 Hardware Manual
hardware-p125.gif 1998-09-14 31649
Schematic diagram for a single-instruction stepper for the KIM-1
(or any 6502 computer), from the Hardware Manual page 125.

kim-1_pcb_jpgs.zip 2022-11-06 12409835
Unpopulated KIM-1 board hi-res scans

kim-hints.txt 1998-09-14 27671
KIM-1 Frequently Asked Questions with answers

kim-rebuild.gif 1998-02-20 101008
A KIM-1 schematic diagram with solely standard components
(so that you can build one yourself)

kim.gif 1998-02-04 80230
The KIM-1 schematic diagram, reverse engineered by Ruud Baltissen

kim.txt 1997-10-09 15615
Technical information about the KIM-1

kim_mon.asm 2005-06-22 34408
Assembly language listing for the KIM-1 Monitor.

README 1997-10-09 972
Release notes

user-manual.txt 1998-09-14 233515
KIM-1 User Manual

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