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1351-mouse.gif 1997-06-29 7674
The 1351 mouse schematic, drawn by Frank Kontros <jeno@kontr.uzhgorod.ua>.
On the PCB there was the following text: ASSY 0101930 Rev.A.

1351_assy_0101930_rev_a.pdf 2021-01-18 126328
1351 schematic drawn by Tom Lokovic (tdl@monkeyspeak.com)

1351patent.pdf 2017-12-31 882207
Schematics and logic diagram for 1351 mouse, from U.S. Patent

1670-cr-modem-schematics.jpg 2022-04-14 159053
Schematics for 1670CR 1200 baus mode, by Jeff Porter

1750_1764_Service_Schematics.pdf 2023-10-12 261617
17xx REU tech info. Assemblage of schematics, notes, etc.

card_burnin_rom_card.zip 2020-02-27 1685512
Card Burnin Rom Card schematics (3 pages)

iec-protocol.gif 1996-05-08 26443
A flow diagram of Commodore's IEC protocol.

REUClone.pdf 2022-01-07 2049672
Description of C= REU protocol by Zane Kaminski

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