The 264 Series

Commodore 232

cbm/VICnTED/c232.gif Please read the intro to the 264 Series in the C16/C116 entry before proceeding.

The middle tier of the 264 series consisted initially of the Commodore 264 when first announced. Later, the Commodore 232 was added to the announced catagory, though only the Plus/4 made it to market, however. Since the 232 was never released, the unit you see here is undoubtedly a demo unit, or a pre-production prototype. Some board changes were made to accomodate the lower (32k) memory configutation, and the board lacks the built in software found in the Plus/4. Otherwise, it is architectually identical to the Plus/4.

The Commdore 232, like the C16, was developed based on Commodore 264 and 116 designs by engineers at Commodore-Japan, in consultation with engineers at Commodore-US.

Statistics, features, and C232 resources:

CPU: MOS Technology 7501 RAM: 32 kilobytes

ROM: 32 kilobytes

cbm/c264/Plus4Side1.gif Video: MOS Technology 7360 "TED"
cbm/c264/Plus4Side2.gif Sound: MOS Technology 7360 "TED" Ports: MOS 7360
cbm/c264/232back.gif Keyboard: Full-sized 67 key QWERTY Resources:

Personal Note: The Commodore 232 was an extremely lucky find. I received it from a German collector named Claus Shoenleber during negotiations for the CBM 900.

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