The 264 Series


cbm/VICnTED/264portraitSmall.jpg Please read the intro to the 264 Series in the C16/C116 entry before proceeding.

The namesake computer of the 264 Series is almost identical to the sibling that actually made it to market, namely the Plus/4. It has the same amount of RAM, the same keyboard and case, and even shares an identical motherboard, lacking only the 3+1 ROM software to make it a full Plus/4. However, the 264 as-is was never released, so again this is a demo unit, or a pre-production prototype, typically given to developers so that software would be available when the computer hit store shelves.

The Commdore 264 and 116, being developed first, provided a basis for the development of other computers in the 264 series by Commodore-Japan. For those who are curious, here is a picture of the prototype motherboard, all socketed and working fine, with its 01/19 ROMs.


Statistics, features, and C264 resources:

CPU: MOS Technology 7501 RAM: 32 kilobytes

ROM: 32 kilobytes

cbm/c264/264rhsPortsSmall.jpg Video: MOS Technology 7360 "TED" Sound: MOS Technology 7360 "TED"
cbm/c264/264lhsPortsSmall.jpg Ports: MOS 7360
cbm/VICnTED/264backPortsSmall.jpg Keyboard: Full-sized 67 key QWERTY Resources:

Personal Note: This Commodore 264 was first in the hands of developers at Infocom, for production of their classic Zork Trilogy for the Plus/4. From there it was given to a gentleman in Rhode Island, who sold it on eBay, to me. :)

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