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3000 & 3000UX


Please read an introduction to Amigas in the Amiga 1000 entry.

When the Amiga 3000 came out in 1991, it was the first major Amiga upgrade in about 5 years, and was way overdue. It includes a nice processor upgrade to the Motorola 68030, Zorro III slots for internal expansion, and the fantastic SCSI bus for storage IO. The only problem with the desktop 3000 is the extremely small case. Heat problems have been reported by many owners, and experience has shown that everything in the Amiga 3000 is an extremely tight fit.

cbm/amiga/a3000ux.gif Also released during this time was the Amiga 3000UX, the Amiga UNIX version of the Amiga 3000. This machine came with a 200mb hard drive formatted and installed with the Amiga UNIX variant. The software was backed up on an Amiga 3070 tape drive tape, and included a pair of floppies for restoring from this tape.

Statistics, features, and A3000(UX) resources:

CPU: Motorola 68030 RAM: 2048 kilobytes ROM: 512 kilobytes

Video: CSG "Daphne/Denise" chip

cbm/amiga/a3000sys.gif Sound: CSG "Portia/Paula" chip Ports: CSG "Portia/Paula" chip
cbm/amiga/a3000kybd.gif Keyboard: Full-sized 95 key QWERTY Extra hardware: Resources:

Personal Note: The Amiga 3000 desktop was purchased from a guy who was selling it on the newsgroups. I picked it up shortly after I gave my Intel 486 (Dell) machine to my brother. The A3000 became my web-surfing machine for the next 3-4 years before being replaced by an Amiga 4000.

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