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Commodore MAX Machine

cbm/max/Max04.gif Also known as the "UltiMax" and the "VIC-10", the Max Machine is the original game console version of the Commodore 64. Software is loaded by cartridge through the Max's expansion/ cartridge port in the back. Very few game cartridges are known to exist for the machine, however, though a version of mini-BASIC was produced. It was apparantly a horrible failure in the Japanese marketplace, and never made it to Europe or the United States in any official capacity.

cbm/max/digdug.gif The Max Machine was produced by Commodore Japan and was released along with the C64 in Japan. Unlike the C64GS, however, the Max Machine was actually *designed* as a game console. The C64 and C128 are both capable of emulating the Max Machine, producing an identical memory and address-map configuration by adjusting the EXROM and GAME lines on the expansion port.

Statistics, features, and Max Machine resources:

CPU: MOS Technology 6510 RAM: 4 kilobytes


Video: MOS 6566 "VIC-II"

Sound: MOS 6581 "SID"
Ports: 6526 CIA
Keyboard: Full-sized QWERTY "Contact-Pad"


Personal Note: I've been on the hunt for this little puppy since about 1995, when I first heard about it on the internet. It was acquired because a fan of these pages (and a great guy) named Ray Castaldo turned me on to another fellow in Japan (also a collector) named "tomi T" who had access to this machine from the seller. When it was all said and done, I had purchased all the YEN I could get my hands on locally, and the result was this beautiful specimen on my doorstep.

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