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The Commodore

cbm/VICnTED/vc20.gif Please read the entry for the VIC-20 before proceeding.

According to legend. The VIC-20 was released in Germany as the VC-20 for two reasons. One, because of the popularity of Volkswagen, Commodore could market the VIC is the "VolksComputer" (People's Computer). Second, because the "V" in "VIC" is pronounced as an "F" in Germany, meaning that "VIC" is pronounced as a vulgarity there...

Statistics, features, and VC-20 resources:

CPU: MOS Technology 6502A RAM: 3.5 kilobytes
ROM: 20 kilobytes Video: MOS Technology 6561 "VIC" Sound: MOS Technology 6561 "VIC"
cbm/vic/vicback.gif Ports: 6522 VIA (X2)
Keyboard: Full-sized 66 key QWERTY Resources:
cbm/vic/vic20sidenew.gif Help: (materials below thanks to Ward Shrake) Interviews: Gamer Resources:

Personal Note: My first VC20 came to me through a small German shop. However, the boxed one I have now came from a trade with Stefan Walgenbach. Vielen Dank!

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