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DEBUT-c-.prg 2009-08-18 53728
A VDC demo by a German group. This demo seems to run in C64 mode, but
it must be started in the C128 mode.

higherlevel.lzh 2009-08-18 129133
7-part demo. Most parts work in all C64s.
Only one part makes use of C128's VDC, and
the detection does not work on all C128s.

vdc-mcm.prg 2021-10-28 8228
16k VDC demo by Onslaught

vdcdemo.readme 2009-08-18 919
vdcdemo.txt 2009-08-18 466
vdcdemo1.sfx 2009-08-18 36558
vdcdemo2.sfx 2009-08-18 42910
vdcdemo3.sfx 2009-08-18 43435
vdcdemo4.sfx 2009-08-18 33207
vdcdemo5.sfx 2009-08-18 29053
19 Feb. 1995
A special demo for the Commodore 128 VDC-chip. The VDC demo contains
five SelF-eXtracting-LZH-files (.SFX) . All files need to be extracted
on one disk. A single-sided 1541 or 1570 disk is too small. Also the
programming uses burst-routines, which makes the 1541 unusable anyway.
It's also a little to slow for loading the special pictures.
(Replies to the address zimmer@xs4all.nl)

vdcmodemania-v12_d64.zip    (dir) 2024-02-07 4417800
Version 12 of VDC Mode Mania, includes many formats

vdcmodemania_d64.zip    (dir) 2024-02-07 1470869
Amazing demo of different VDC video capabilities.

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