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Fatum is a Polish group. GrABBA/Fatum, or Robert Grabowski <grabba@mat.uni.torun.pl> uploaded these files.


Abbads.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 160049
A Super Hires Interlace graphics collection.

Compod-100.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 131496
A music collection by Compod/Fatum.

Experience1.prg 2009-08-18 34724
Experience2.prg 2009-08-18 41462
Experience3.prg 2009-08-18 37230
Collections of Bax/Fatum's musics. Released in 1993-1995. All of
these contain 18-32 tunes by Bax.

Intro collection.prg 2009-08-18 48211
Collection of Fatum intros.

Melography.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 154686
Graphics (logo) collection by Talbot/Fatum.

MiNdriot.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 132552
Graphics collection, released 09.05.1997. The pictures were drawn by
the best graphician on the polish C64 scene.

Old style.prg 2009-08-18 46735
Collection of older Fatum intros.

Prawda-edytor3.0.prg 2009-08-18 13202
Prawda7-1.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 162165
Prawda7-2.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 159880
A two-sided disk magazine in Polish, and an editor used to write it.

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