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Zoo'97 - C=64 Party at 21-23.11.1997 in Pori, Finland
Total Epygt by Extend wasn't released yet in this pack because the compo versions were not finished..
The D64 files were compiled by Agemixer/Scallop. This text is written by Venturus/Vandals^Damage! The logo in file_id.diz is drawn by Nup!/Pro^Arts.


Mind.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 66840
Final release of the Mind demo by Damage & Vandals.
Released March 9th, 1998.

RESULTS 2009-08-18 6558
Party results and list of attenders

Zoo'97-1.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 77019
Zoo'97-2.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 31255
Productions, two 1541 disk sides.

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