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1581partition.prg 2009-08-18 4813
1581partition.txt 2009-08-18 1874
1581 subdirectory creator. Runs on C64/C128.

BlkCount.prg 2009-08-18 2390
Block Count v1 by Massive Onslaught/Style

I hate getting disks with altered file blocks... so with my suggestion
MO wrote this handy util... it takes your disk and traces each file,
correcting the blocks for each file. Further, it can unlock all the
locked files on the disk and validate it after fixing the blocks...

Commander64-1.zip 2009-08-18 51372
Commander 64, version 1. A German file manager for CMD devices
by Matthias Hensler and G√ľnther Bauer 1997. This archive includes
GIF screenshots and a GEOS formatted German description of the software.
Commander64-1p.zip 2009-08-18 34602
Commander 64 with some improvements, and a simpler version of the file
manager for just viewing or starting files.
deditv7.sfx 2009-08-18 38912
Directory Editor for all C= and CMD drives.

diredit_sfd81.prg 2009-08-18 11066
A directory editor from 1986 by "Willie". Supports 1541s, 1571s, 1581s, SFD drives.

DirMaster-7.3.sfx 2009-08-18 26260
Directory editor by Antifan/Equinoxe

dirmenu-2.10.zip 2023-02-05 40600
DirMenu 2.1 by Joseph Rose

Disc Wizard-2.0.prg 2009-08-18 10540
A directory editor written in 1986 by Hermann-Josef Rottkemper

Disk Manager.lnx 2009-08-18 18328
Disk catalog manager/reporter. Keeps a database of the files in
your diskette collection.

Disk Master.prg 2009-08-18 17036
Disk data base program written in BASIC. Keeps a database of the files in
your diskette collection.

Disk-cataloger.prg 2009-08-18 2926
Helps you to maintain a catalog of your diskettes.

GameSort.lnx.gz 2009-08-18 15137
GameSort.txt 2009-08-18 1388
Disk catalog tool written in BASIC by Howard Feldman

hdpathfinder.prg 2009-08-18 3449
hdpathfinder.readme 2009-08-18 2437
Find files on a CMD hard disk (maybe also floppy disk) whose names match
a search pattern. This is version 4, published by Adam Vardy

IDEA-v2.00.prg 2009-08-18 14438
IDEA (Intuitive Directory Editor Assistant) V2 is a directory editor that
will work on 1541, 1571, and 1581 drives. It was written by D. Matt Corey.

partinfo.sfx 2009-08-18 30720
Partition information for RAM Link and CMD HD.

PhantomV1.lzh 2009-08-18 68669
Directory and partition editor for different drives.

sdedit45.sfx 2009-08-18 38912
Super Directory Editor for all C= & CMD drives.

The Dir Editor.prg 2009-08-18 15433
Directory editor.

Virtual Directory.prg 2009-08-18 4333
Released to public domain June 6th, 1985 by Robert E. Mason. Lists the
disk directory and the starting addresses of programs on it.

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