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1541-tester.prg 2009-08-18 5586
Checks the hardware aspects of a 1541. Useful for head alignment etc.

cbmcommand-2.3.d80.gz    (dir) 2019-01-11 119721
File browser/loader for all CBM computers.

chdirsys.sfx 2009-08-18 13352
A very nice subdirectory system for the 1541 (maybe also 1571).
Lets you to have up to 8 subdirectories on the disk, and changing
the directories is very easy with a simple disk command.

dirmenu-1.00.zip 2009-10-03 14770
Directory menu program for CBM computers (C64, C128, CBM264 series) By Joseph
Rose, a.k.a. Harry Potter. Includes source for cc65.

Disk-Tools.DaveJB.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 15861
Three disk tools written by Dave (aron@bbj.hu):

Catalog Check: find bad sectors and file linkage errors

DOS Commander: a small tool similar to the Commodore DOS wedge

Clear Write Protection: write the standard value 'A' to the
offset 2 of track 18, sector 0

Drive Composer.lnx 2009-08-18 19558
Compose music for a 1541 or 1571 stepper motor. Includes an editor and
a few sample tunes. Written by Chester B. Kollschen and Jörg Harmjanz.

EZLoader2-7.sfx 2009-08-18 26624
A disk menu system for the C64 and the C128 by David Schmoll. Designed for
CMD's drives, but works also with Commodore drives. Shareware.

Loader.sfx 2009-08-18 5011
You can use this program to automatically load a disk menu program by
pressing Restore. Programmed by Peter Weighill.

lockdisk64.prg 2009-08-18 2264
Create automatically starting versions of BASIC programs. The autostart
code assumes that the file will be loaded from device 8.

MakeDir-v1.0.prg 2009-08-18 16276
MakeDir.readme 2009-08-18 384
MakeDir! v1.0 is easy-to use utility to create subdirectories for c64/128
and 1541/71 disk drive. Subdirs work with most known programs (Basic and
ML), no changes in equipment or system needed. Author:
jjadwisz@ict.pwr.wroc.pl or @sequoia.ict.pwr.wroc.pl.

s-jiffydos.lnx 2009-08-18 19934
S-JIFFYDOS ist ein C64 Betriebssystem, das im C64 oder einer Flash 8
in einem Eprom laeuft. Es ist ein Patch fuer JIFFYDOS.
s-jiffydos1541.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 57062
s-jiffydos1541.html 2009-08-18 5649
S-JiffyDOS 1541, a patch for CMD JiffyDOS
s-jiffydos64.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 56982
s-jiffydos64.html 2009-08-18 6006
S-JiffyDOS 64, a patch for CMD JiffyDOS

StarVerify.prg 2009-08-18 6184
Compares two large binary files with each other. Programmed by
Joe Forster/STA.

VDC-Ramdisk.readme 2009-08-18 1343
VDC-Ramdisk.sfx 2009-08-18 13737
Use the C128's VDC memory as a RAM disk in the C64 mode.

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