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This directory contains original firmware of the Commodore 364 prototype. Uploaded by Bo Zimmerman (bo@zimmers.net). See http://www.zimmers.net/cbmpics/c116s.html for more information All are 16K, either 23128 ROMs and 27128 EPROMs


3-plus-1.317053-01.bin 1996-10-26 16384
Low Function ROM 3-plus-1

3-plus-1.317054-01.bin 1997-07-21 16384
High Function ROM 3-plus-1

basic.318006-01.bin 1994-10-28 16384

proto-ted-kernal.bin 2007-06-13 16384
EPROM prototype of the C116 family kernal ($c000-$ffff)

spk3cc4.bin 2007-06-13 16384
Speech ROM ($c000-$ffff?)

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