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C64D_preliminary_product_definition.pdf 2020-07-27 25979
C65 Product Definition from Fred Bowen in 1987

C64DX-System-Spec-Update-1-May-1-1991.pdf 2020-07-27 2860407
C65 Specifications doc from Fred Bowen

c65_nostalgia.pdf 2020-07-27 6834048
Collection of conversations, technical discussions in early days of C65

c65cmds.pet.txt 2020-07-27 7630
C65 command set, in PETSCII format

c65faq.pet.txt 2020-07-27 14862
PETSCII version of Marko Makala's C65 FAQ

c65faq2.sfx 2020-07-27 31744
C65 FAQ by Marko Makala, in petscii seq files

c65faq20.asc.txt 2020-07-27 56598
ASCII version of Marko Makala's C65 FAQ

c65infos.sfx 2020-07-27 22937
Info about C65 in petscii SEQ files

c65manual.txt 2020-07-27 676109
Commodore 65 preliminary documentation (March 1991), "C64DX SYSTEM
SPECIFICATION", with addendum for ROM version 910501. The document was scanned
by Andreas Boose and Marko Mäkelä in 1995 and converted to text by Frank
Kontros in 1998 to 2001.

c65manualupdated.txt 2020-07-27 677933
The c65 manual with helpful comments, corrections, and references by Ken

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