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This is my Projects page

Below are a list of the several projects that now occupy or have occupied my time in the past.

Java JAVA(tm) Projects
Software written in the cross-platform Java(tm) Language.

 CoffeeWebServer - HTTP 1.1 (WWW) Server. github

 CoffeeMud - MUD (text based virtual reality) Engine. github

 Sip - TELNET-like MUD client.

 Emutils - C= Disk Image file utilities. github

 ZimmerSCP - Two remote directory SCP client. github

 Coffee Tools - Assorted Filesystem tools. github

geoProjects geoProjects
Software written for the 8-bit Commodore GEOS Operating System

 AntiBlackOut - A utility to disable the GEOS screen saver.
 geoDiskFiler v1.2 - File organizer/database application. github
 geoBEAP v2.0 - File and Disk Image Archival software. github
 geoLSPresenter v1.7 - LoadStar Disk Magazine reader/viewer.
 geoBrowser v1.6 - Directory and file content browser. github
 geoBeaver v1.0 - GUI code generation utility for GEOS programmers. github
 ChromeMag - ChromeMag Disk Magazine reader/viewer. github
 The Major ReOrg v2.1 - Directory organizer with GEOS File properties editor. github
 geoTelnet 1.3 - Colorful ANSI Telnet client for Wifi Modems. github
 geoCBMTerm - Colorful PETSCII client for Wifi Modems. github
 geoModules Project - Assembly libraries project for GEOS. github

C= Commodore Projects
Software and other Commodore Computer related projects.

 EMUTIL - Disk Image Archiver for Commodore PET and C64 computers. github

 Zelch 64 - Commodore 64 BBS Software github

 Zelch 128 - Commodore 128 BBS Software github

 Disk Filer 64 - Disk files organizer/database for the Commodore 64. github

 Martian Crusher - Simple BASIC shooter game for the Commodore 64.

 C=ordle - Popular word guessing game ported to all C= 8-bits. github

 64 Miniword - Word processor software for the Commodore 64. github

 ZOS - CBM DOS Shell for the Commodore 64.

 Fortune Wheel - Word guessing game for the Commodore 64.

 Number Guess 128 - Involved BASIC number guessing game for the Commodore 128.

 LAP - Simple IDE and Symbolic macro assembler for the Commodore 64.

 Superman SAM - Multi-level BASIC game for the Commodore 64.

 C= Zimodem Apps - WiFi Modem C= Programs). github

Miscellaneous Other Software Projects
Software projects for Windows or LINUX, usually in C or C++.

 CGI-DB - CGI Database management/display system. (local) github

 Zimodem - WiFi ESP32/ESP8266 Firmware). github

 sd2iec (Contributor) - Firmware contributions to the uiec project.

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