About this collection.

After discovering Commodore PET computers at school in 1983, I got a Commodore 64, upgrading later to a Commodore 128, and finally to a Commodore 128D and SX-64. It was a yearning to play with a Commodore Plus/4 back in 1994 that started this whole accumulative process.

(a picture of my PETs)

By the time I graduated college back in 1996, my collection was small, but well established. It was after I graduated and moved to Austin, however, that the collection grew in earnest. Eventually, my Austin home reached a saturation point. Only a select few machines remained at home all the time, with the bulk floating in and out as I undertook different projects. This forced me to move to the suburbs in order to give my commodore habit some elbow room.

These days, my Round Rock, Texas home contains a fully functional Commodore lab complete with dozens of ready-to-go systems, hordes of books and reference material, gobs of software at hand, and enough parts to rebuild half of them twice over.

Each model receives it's due attention. My favorite thing to do with these computers, however, remains coding and tinkering. Since I want this page to remain abstract, I won't mention what projects I'm working on at the moment, but rest assured they are almost always utilities of one sort or another. :)

There are several hundred machines in this collection, and over a hundred computers, almost all of which work, and the rest being worked on. The complete list of machines can be found here. I also keep an extensive parts supply list here.

The rarest machine in this collection is undoubtedly the 1565 disk drive, which was built specifically for the Commodore 65. The C65 is an amazing computer, and it is a damn shame it was not completed and marketed. The rarest computer in the collection, is the V364, of which only 2 or 3 exist in the universe.

If you find anything in here you have questions or comments about, feel free to leave me email right here.

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